Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One Punch, One Kill

I've heard karate guys talk about their art as being so "effective" that "One Punch, One Kill" is an outcome. I wonder, how effective is a tool that can only be used in lethal situations?

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Draven Olary said...

Actually is not 'one punch one kill' but 'one punch, one adversary less to worry about, being ready for next one'. This is, lets say, the pinnacle. You have to understand that in karate, Sensei is stressing that you don't attack first. You will do anything to avoid confrontation. If you think about, what they stress is actually whatever you do, 'make it count'. It is about efficiency, about not wasting your energy, about timing etc. Is nothing different than any other martial art. The line you heard is just a phrase that will make sense the moment you try to understand beyond the words.